Atelier 3/4 Szene 6

You are on a stage that resembles an industrial maze. Steam engines and metal drums are scattered across the room. Bronze pipes and metal rails run across the walls. The stage is separated into four even quarters by wrought iron fences. Each quarter is populated by different social classes: The poor are shuffling between giant vents and cogs in one; another has workers shoveling coal into the engines; inventors and engineers are busy building new machinery in the next; and above it all, the aristocracy sits in towers built of metal and glass, keeping a steady eye on the activities below. There is a constant buzz und whirr in the air, as mechanical drones bear down on anyone stepping out of line.

09. Jun 2018, 14:10

In diesem Raum passiert gerade Folgendes:

The curtain falls. The stage is closed.

Stefan, 09. Jun 2018, 14:09